Liquid Nerve/Room 237

Liquid Nerve

During his High School and College Years Robert stayed very active with his local band originally named “Room 237” and later changed to "Liquid Nerve." It featured constant members Stefan Allison (Guitar) and Ron Boisvert (Bass) and Robert on drums. The band had a revolving door of singers which included Matt Manning, Josh Piccush, Mark George, Dave & Kevin Oulette and Shawn McCaan. The Band under various names and line-ups played all over New England building a small but very dedicated fan-base. They also recorded numerous demo tapes which were sold at local record stores in the area. After playing together for almost 10 years off and on the band finally decided to call it quits. Ron later became the bass player for Shatter Messiah he is listed on their debut album and played bass at the bands first live performance.