Annihilator is the legendary Canadian Thrash Metal Band started in 1984 by Guitarist Jeff Waters. They have seen the Highs and Lows of the Genre and stuck through it all despite a continuously revolving line up of Musicians.

Annihilator is praised as being the highest selling Metal band in Canadian History, thanks largely in part to the popularity of their first 2 releases “Alice in Hell” and “Never, Neverland.” Robert joined the band in 2004 after being hand picked by then current drummer and Virtuous Clinician Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Dream Theater, etc.) to be his replacement.

Robert Toured with the band during their summer run with Metal Legends Judas Priest Playing in front of Arena’s packed with Thousands of rabid European metal-fans. The band also recorded an un-released live performance of the set they performed that summer. Robert left the band soon after to join forces with then rhythm guitarist Curran Murphy to form Shatter Messiah.